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Anonymous asked:

Tell me this story please?




Alright, so a friend of mine had been dating this girl (now ex) and one night they were eating pistachio ice cream and they left the remains of it in a bowl on a chair. The girl blew him, spit his cum into the used pistachio ice cream bowl (spitters are quitters) and still left that now bowl full of cum on the chair. After she blew him, he fucked her doggy-style against said chair, and apparently fucked her so hard that the girl stumbled and stuck her hand all up in that bowl of cum (which apparently was pretty full), and my friend didn’t know this happened, but kept goin at it whilst she continued to get cum all in her hair too, which then stuck to her face. 

And yea. That is the pistachio/blowjob/doggy-style story. THE END

This is fucking hilarious god dammit

Its horrific

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